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Post-baby Glamour of Christina Aguilera

Posted on: July 10, 2008

Glamour Magazine posted a new interview with Christina Aguilera recently sharing the pop singer’s new lifestyle since having a baby boy, Max, six months ago. In the article the diva talks about her workout routine to redefine her post-pregnancy body. She said the worst part was her tummy and hips, and tragically her feet! She said she went from a size five to a seven, and feared having to give up her shoe collection until they went back to normal. Though Aguilera spends 90 minutes a day working out, she says she doesn’t have as much time for keeping up with her looks these days. The once manicure addict is now showing up to interviews with (gasp) un-manicured nails! How dare she! It turns out she is quite devoted to motherhood, and her relationship with her husband, Jordan Bratman. “I just hang out on my grounds, taking him for walks in the stroller in the backyard where we won’t be seen,” she said.

Christina Aguilera has a couple more babies on the way… a new perfume, Inspire, and a new album. She says both are inspired by her love of Tokyo, a city she loves to visit slightly incognito with her husband.

The new album is currently being recorded, and the new fragrance, Inspire, will be in stores next month.




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