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iPhone 3G: The hottest accessory of the year!

Posted on: July 11, 2008

So the biggest news in the world today is Apple’s release of the new iPhone 3G. How does this fit into the body care world you ask? Well first of all, the iPhone makes the perfect accessory! Ladies, you could have the tiniest of clutch hand bags and still carry with you wireless internet, a camera, e-mail, a music and video player, and of course mobile phone all with the iPhone. 


Say you’re going to a wedding and you don’t want to lug around you Bergen bag just so you’ll have a camera. Done! Just throw the iPhone into your little hand bag. 


Don’t want to carry a purse at all? Fine! For sure your date won’t mind throwing it in his pocket. He might even get a little carried away playing with it. By the end of the reception he’ll marry you just for having an iPhone! 


Don’t want him to see the your e-mails from the other guys you’re dating? Just lock access to the phone all together with a password.


Now those are all old things. What’s new about the hottest item on the market this year? Instead of using AT&T’s Edge network for web access, it uses AT&T’s new 3G network. This means faster loading of web pages, two to three times faster! It also features GPS now, though not the directing kind that you’re used to in cars now. Biggest of all though, is the new online App Store. The App Store is a depot for applications that can be downloaded to your iPhone. Some are free, and other are not. Of course you pay for what you get. Some of these apps are pretty dynamic. They range from motion sensitive games to medical libraries. Which brings me back to body care. Netter’s Anatomy is an app that uses Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy Flash Cards as a reference for human anatomy on your iPhone. Imagine bringing your iPhone to a doctor’s visit for your arthritis, and letting the doctor show you exactly where the joint that is the source of your arthritis is with the amazing, high resolution, interactive graphics. Who knows, The doctor may already have an iPhone for the same purpose!


Now you may have to trim the fingernail on your pointer finger to enjoy all of this. Many women have reported trouble using the iPhone’s touch screen because it can’t sense their fingernail. You decide, is an iPhone worth a fingernail?



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