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Wear Your Food On Your Sleeve!

Posted on: July 16, 2008


live green

live green

This morning I was checking out the New York Times, part of my morning ritual, and found an article about these adorable t-shirts called FoodTees from Self-described as “cute, creative, stylish and healthy,” these clothes feature a simple image of a food on them (ie. broccoli, a red pepper, a carrot) with a short comment underneath, like: “locally grown, grainiac, and spicy.” Not only are they oh-so-adorable, but healthy too! All of the clothing made by FoodTee is made with organic cotton. 


Just like any t-shirt, the idea is to be expressive about something you are passionate about, in this case your diet. “We invite you to wear your priorities proudly, as a reminder for yourself and as an example for others.” Surely there’s plenty of Nascar drivers, and football teams to be enthusiastic about, but what about the foodies, huh?! With FoodTees you can tell the world just how much you care about fresh foods, and with a little tongue in cheek (NPI). Best of all, these tees have a cause. With each sale a donation goes to organizations that provide children with better quality foods, like “Two Angry Moms and Better School Food” and the Food Studies Institute. There’s definitely flavor to this clothing, and for the charities the success must be oh so sweet!


FoodTees by are available for Women, Men, Children, Toddlers and Babies. All shirts include FREE SHIPPING (international orders excluded). Available at”


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