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Sexy Celebrity Feet

Posted on: August 7, 2008

I found an article that I thought was very interesting on The Top Ten Celebrity Feet From Television by Wes Laurie, was actually polled and created into a list like the “Maxim Hot 100” honoring women for being sexy head to toe in 2008. There were no awards handed out, but there are quite the range of celebs grabbing attention for their pedicured feet. 

#10- Mary-Louise Parker (from Weeds)

#9- Kat Von D (from the TLC reality shows Miami Ink, and LA Ink)

#8- Kendra Wilkinson (from The Girls Next Door)

#7- Jennifer Love Hewitt (from The Ghost Whisperer)

#6- Hayden Panettiere (from Heroes)

#5- Eva Longoria (from Desperate Housewives)

#4- Tricia Helfer (from Battlestar Galactica)

#3- Vanessa Hudgens (from High School Musical)

#2- Pamela Anderson (this is kind of a stretch as far as the “on TV” subject, but he says from the Baywatch DirecTV commercials)

#1- Kim Kardashian (from Keeping Up With The Kardashians)

For those who are not familiar with Ms. Kardashian, her family has their own reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim is by far the pivotal player in the family following the celeb debutant path like Paris Hilton. She has her own sex tape and everything! Money can’t buy love, but it sure can take care of a pair of feet! Kim often has French tipped toenails, toe rings, and she shows off her “fresh looking feet” with open toed footwear.


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