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Creamy Cleansers

Posted on: September 11, 2008

I’ve battled dry skin in my T-zone for many years now. I’ve even asked a doctor about it, and he recommended Eucerin, a petroleum based moisturizing cream. It keeps my skin from flaking, but leaves an greasy mess on my face. I also have been warned to avoid petroleum based skin products because they can actually dehydrate your skin. I believe it too, my skin was never cured or remotely relieved of it’s dryness.

I begin my journey with the aid of Whole Body, the division of Whole Foods Market that is dedicated to body care products (supplements, skin, hair, personal, cosmetics, and bath). Whole Body has a lot of helpful information on their website and in a free podcast, “Be Good To Your Whole Body.” For Dry skin they suggest three rules of: cleansing, toning, and protecting.

Today, I will cover what is first and foremost in facial skin care… cleansing. Whole Body suggests a creamy cleanser such as: Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk, Avalon Organics Cleansing Milk (they have 3), and Zia Skin Basics Moisturizing Cleanser. These are going to clean the skin while moisturizing at the same time. They also do not include any harmful ingredients that could irritate your skin if it is sensitive like mine. My skin often turns red after using many face washes. This is a clear indication that your skin is sensitive. 

So I tried Avalon Organics Cleansing Milk, and it was nice. The lavender scent is a bit too strong, but that’s not a big deal. My first reaction was wondering when is was going to lather up. This doesn’t lather though. You have to think of it differently. It’s like washing your face with lotion! It was nice, my face did feel moisturized after washing it. It didn’t exactly cure my dry skin problems, but it helped. Best of all, no redness or irritation. This is a very nice, soothing cleanser that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.


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