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Does Drinking Lots Of Water Help Your Skin?

Posted on: October 31, 2008

I discovered an article in the New York Times questioning if drinking water helps your skin. Very interesting, I always figured it did, but the author, Anahad O’Connor, was sort of “myth-busting” this notion. First of all, it is news to me that drinking eight glasses of water a day is a myth. As the reference told though, it is in fact a myth! The BMJ Medical Publication states that the original sources of this information are completely unfounded, and could have been reinterpreted from statements about how much fluids to drink, including milk, juice, even caffeinated drinks. On top of it all, drinking an excess of water can be harmful:

“drinking excess amounts of water can be dangerous, resulting in water intoxication, hyponatraemia, and even death.”

OK, but what about skin? You would think drinking water would help keep the entire body hydrated, including the skin. The article states:

“A 2007 study on the effects of water consumption did show that drinking 500 milliliters of water, about two cups, increased blood flow to the skin. A good sign, but there was no evidence that that reduced wrinkles or improved complexion.”

The conclusion was to focus on the proven ways to protect your skin: “Always wear sunscreen, avoid cigarettes and eat well.”

Read the full article here.



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