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Magnify Your Look

Posted on: November 7, 2008

Denco Magnetic Magnifying GlassThe company I work for, Belcam, has a new product out that I think is really cool, the Denco Magnetic Magnifying Glass for nail clippers, tweezers and cuticle nippers! There are a lot of tweezers on the market and a couple of clippers with built-in magnifying glasses, but the product quality is not always good (tweezers that don’t tweeze). The mag is great because you can keep your favorite implement that performs so well and you know and are comfortable using, and just improve it by by enlarging the visual grooming area. It’s the best of both worlds AND it’s hands-free since it attaches right to the product and you can adjust the angle.

I’m loving it for my toenails especially. I have a serious back problems and bending to reach my toes is enough trouble alone for me to do without hurting myself. With the magnifying glass I can see my tiny, little toenails a lot better and make sure I don’t cut them too short, or leave sharp angles. It’s also great for trimmer eye brows. There’s nothing like trying to find a hair with tiny metal tweezer tips!

If you want to check it out for yourself it will be available on our website January 1, 2009.



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