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Ellen DeGeneres, The New Face of Cover Girl

Posted on: December 18, 2008


Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres

Well, if you’re an Ellen fan you’ve probably heard by now… Emmy award-winning talk show host, comedian and actress, Ellen DeGeneres, is the newest spokeswoman for Cover Girl. Ellen said when she was approached by Cover Girl she thought “they must be looking for actress Ellen Barkin.” On a serious note though, she sees this as an opportunity to “celebrate our individuality” in a time when Hollywood celebs are starting to look like clones.


Cover Girl is featuring Ellen in ads for their new collaborative product with Olay, Simply Ageless. The new foundation uses Cover Girl and Olay technology to stay above wrinkles rather than emphasizing them and causing a woman to look even older. Proctor and Gamble research has found that women are saying their makeup, especially their foundation makes them appear older. Simply Ageless addresses this problem directly with a solid emulsion technology that works with the skin’s temperature to transform to a liquid on contact. 

I love Ellen DeGeneres and I think she’s hilarious and beautiful. I couldn’t believe that she was being used for an age based product though. Then I discovered she’s in her fifties! She looks amazing for her age.

Ellen showed some out-takes from the TV ad on her show, and they are hilarious of course. Check it out here.


2 Responses to "Ellen DeGeneres, The New Face of Cover Girl"

I love Ellen, good for her!

you are so sweet ELLen, i like you very much.
your post is beautiful.

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