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Food For Your Skin

Posted on: February 13, 2009

Photograph by via Flickr

Photograph by via Flickr

I recently had a post about Yes To Carrots products. In it I discussed how food provides many benefits for taking care of your skin. Well, today I came across an article that discusses just that. A Salad Fit For Your Skin by Josie Garthwaite, addresses nutrients that “nourish your complexion.” Here’s an except from the article:

“…cucumber, now has scientific proof that it reduces puffiness around the eyes—and maybe more. Certain acids and compounds in the vegetable (well, technically it’s a fruit) help combat inflammation, which Jacknin describes as the single greatest culprit in age-related conditions—from Alzheimer’s to wrinkled, sagging skin.
Ingredients like tomato and carrot deliver benefits through their antioxidants. When eaten, they fight cell damage in your body much the way citrus juice can prevent a slice of apple from turning brown, explains Hirsch. In facial treatments, antioxidants like vitamin C and beta- carotene help stave off damage (read: signs of age) from sun exposure, smoke, and pollution.”

The article goes on to list a variety of foods that will benefit the condition of your skin. Plus, there’s some recipes for masks, soap, and cream that you can make by yourself in your kitchen.

To check out this article click here.


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