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Return To Origins Recycling Program

Posted on: March 24, 2009

originsBeauty brand Origins is taking initiative and creating a recycling program for cosmetic packaging, Return to Origins. The EPA claims that consumer goods packaging represent approximately one third of landfill waste. Since “being green” is a vital part of Origins’ objective, they’ve decided to receive used cosmetic packaging from consumers and make sure it gets recycled. This is not exclusive to Origins products though, they will take any brand’s packaging and recycle it. Of course there are some materials that are not recyclable. These materials will be transformed in to energy at “waste-to-energy” power plants. These power plants claim to use the most modern technology to combust solid waste instead of coal, oil or natural gas. Pollution control ensures clean emissions, and the energy produces steam which is then converted into electricity. 

I had to write a post on this because it’s such a noble, and selfless effort to enable everyone to help clean up our environment. It really enables people to green up, and keeps them involved in the process. Return to Origins is a permanent program with receptacles in all of the brand’s 450 doors, meaning freestanding stores and department stores. Origins is an Estée Lauder brand, and other Estée Lauder brands will be showing signs of green as well. Aveda has plans to use wind power, and MAC cosmetics will also have a recycling program called Back to MAC. 

To learn more about the Return to Origins program click here.


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