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Organic Standards For Body Care Products

Posted on: April 17, 2009

I was browsing on the Organic Consumers website and came across an interesting document on organic standards for body care products. The Organic Consumers Association has launched a campaign called “Coming Clean.”  The objective is to promote “labeling and production standards that are now in place for organic foods.”

Here is a segment from the document:

“Scientists and medical practitioners warn of the impact of substances absorbed through the skin—whether it’s soap, shampoo, cosmetics, suntan oil, or lotions for babies and children. 

This process of direct absorption through the skin and capillaries into the body is particularly important, because it completely bypasses the kidneys and liver, which normally filter out toxins. The ability of skin to serve as a direct and unfiltered ‘gateway’ into the bloodstream is exactly why nicotine patches and other medicinal surfactants are so effective. 

Consumers who are already seeking out organic food also want organic body care products. Body care companies, capitalizing on this consumer concern, have started labelling some of their products ‘organic,’ too, but it is not always clear what that means.”

To read the full document click here.


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