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Alternative Health Remedies

Posted on: November 3, 2009

An article in the New York Times today says that more insurers are paying for alternative health remedies. However, the selection of services actually covered may be so minimal that customers may end up mistakingly thinking they’re covered when they’re not, and having to pay the bill. There’s even an editors note on the very beginning of the article stating that:

“Ten years and $2.5 billion in research have found no cures from alternative medicine.”

The companies say they’re offering a service that is in high demand though. More people are wanting services like acupuncture for pain, high blood pressure, and insomnia. Robin Downey, head of product development for Aetna, an insurer that let sellers advertise supplements to members, says:

”’We have members who come to us and ask us for these services. When we can get a discount for them, that’s something we are able to pass on,’ although Aetna also recommends that members talk with their primary doctors about anything they plan to try, she said.”

Most people I know that use alternative remedies, do so because it works for them. This article insists that alternative remedies are unproven. Sometimes they say the remedies need more studies. Perhaps they just haven’t been proven yet. Perhaps the business of medicine is preventing that. Or perhaps alternative remedies are just about personal preference, and insurers are responding to that. What do you think?

Read the article More Insurers Are Paying for Alternative Remedies here.



1 Response to "Alternative Health Remedies"

After over five years of intensive research on the Internet about alternative methods that cure illnesses and diseases, reading hundreds of articles on the subject and subscribing to several newsletters written by doctors who practice alternative medicine, I’m fully convinced that these methods are the way to manage your health.

It truly bothers me that conventional medicine and Big Pharma have brainwashed the general public that their methods are the answers for curing illnesses.

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