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Kids and Baby Bath Toys, Not So Fun

Posted on: March 3, 2010

They was a good report on the Today show on NBC this morning as part of a series called Secret Filth Exposed. The report, Rubber Yuckies: Bath Toy Germs, addressed the issue of germs and bacteria that are often overlooked with bath toys. You probably wouldn’t think toys floating in soapy water as being dirty or unsafe. The bath water, as they say, actually becomes a “bacteria soup” though! The toys are the landing ground for this bacteria, especially toys with holes. Don’t just take my word for it though. Check out the video from Today and see how you feel about those bath toys after!

Video: Rubber ‘yuckies’ harbor filth



3 Responses to "Kids and Baby Bath Toys, Not So Fun"

This is SOOO interesting. I didn’t have clue…the bath toys are going in the dishwasher after every bath from now on!

Lindsey Petersen

And avoid toys will holes! Even the dishwasher can’t get all the germs out of the inside of those toys.

Thanks for the info! Thats such an easy thing to forget when cleaning and such.

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